Demo 2014

by Life's Vice

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released October 11, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Zac Blain.
Additional vocals by Sam Cox



all rights reserved


Life's Vice Hobart, Australia

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Track Name: Spineless
Trying to fuck with me and mine
Looking for substance in you just to find
Arrogant spiels from a tiny mind
Didn't even notice when you fell behind

Your time in the sun is well and truly through
Yet you still spread hatred with everything you do
Every word, every action every little remark
All coward, no bite, no bark
All coward, no bite, no bark
All cowards

You're just a cliche dressed in wolves clothing
Can't help but laugh at the teeth you're showing
Your time in the sun is well and truly through
What we have, you think we owe it all to you
But we ain't been seeing you round man

We've been here for years building and growing
Hate to break it man, but this train ain't slowing
We've been doing this much better with out you
Can't fucking wait to finally bid you adieu
Track Name: Doll
Don't just stand there doll, give me a hand
Actually while you're at it I'll take the whole fucking arm
I might also a need a leg to stand
Aw baby don't you cry, I only ever meant you nothing but harm

I'm a thief, I'm a thief, I'm a thief, I'm a thief
You best believe I'm lying through my teeth
I'm a thief, I'm a thief, I'm a thief, I'm a thief
Covered in filth, projecting grief

I can't have you, you can't own me
I only need you when I get lonely
I'll take from you all that I need
You can't be surprised when I decide to leave
I told you from the start
I told you from the start
I'll only steal from you
Don't give me your heart
Track Name: Feed
Hide behind your forced smiles
While they hold their foot on your throat
They'll all line up for miles and miles
Just to fucking watch you choke

Time moves forwards
Society moves backwards
And I tell myself the same lies every day
Things can get better
People can change
That the shit stain on this earth ain't destined to stay

No need to bottle it up inside boy
When your brain is screaming for you to destroy
Break down the barriers holding you back boy
The need for constraint's just a meaningless ploy
Track Name: Life's Vice
Force fed self inflicted regret
Passing up gifts and chances
Making it far too hard to forget
I'm a product of my own choices

Foundations of steel built on sand
Destined to be torn down by my own hand
So blind, so blind why can't I see
The eyes of my true enemy staring back at me

So blind, so blind but I can see
The human condition ain't for me
Chasing stars and dust just to see
Seven billion specks of filth can't break free

Led down the path by false idols
Following dreams of no substance
They'll tear you down for your ideals
And they'll call it justice
The devil sits to my right
Your god is no where In sight
Can't keep living with this plight
Can't keep going, I'm set to ignite

The devil sits to my right
Your god is nowhere in sight
I'm caught in life's vice